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Here you will find scripts I have written to make my work easier.

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Farmerjoe - The Render Farmer


This is a distributed rendering system for Blender, it does both frame based distribution and bucket based (single frame) distribution, it has a web gui and is fairly easy to set up IMHO :)
I had tried to get Drqueue running and it worked great on linux but was less than easy to use on windows. There are a few other distributed rendering systems for blender but I wanted something I could run independantly of blender and seeing how I knew perl I hacked together this system to get distributed rendering running for Blender the way I wanted it to work.
Batch STL

This Script imports all binary stl files from the selected directory, it removes duplicate vertices, and you can check options to "SetSmooth" and/or "AutoSmooth" every file imported, you also have the option of setting a scale factor for imported files aswell as optionally replace mesh objects with the same name to make updating changes from a cad package easier.
VR Object

This script sets up a camera that moves in circles at varying angles in a spherical motion looking at a model so that you can render out the required frames to create a VR Object, like Quicktime VR Objects.

This script sets options on many meshes at once. I got sick of applying a new material to a whole bunch of objects then clciking each one to set smooth and toggle autosmooth so this script allows those options to be set on all selected objects (meshes only)
Render Cameras

This script renders the views from all cameras in the scene to the current output directory. It was written to save time as I often have to render othographic views (front, top right etc) and font 3/4 perspective, rear 3/4 perspective of an object and it saves selecting each camera rendering and saving each one.

This script puts the X windows clipboard into a Blender text buffer, it was written to get around the fact you cant paste text into Blender on Linux using shift+v like you can on windows

Also scripts I use that I have modified (and hopefully improved)

PyTsai Camera Callibration

Camera calibration script for Blender to match a 3D view in blender with added windows and linux binaries.

NOTE this script has been updated for Blender 2.6 and is available here http://www.ewocprojects.be

This script dosn't seem to work in versions later than 2.37 :\
The original website I found this on is now gone too:(
I will have a go at updating this script for blender2.4 when I get some time.

This script is a hack of TranspRef0.71 with added support for saving the file locations of the planes. It's a great script allowing you to make abitrary mesh planes which you can then load images onto to be used as a reference when modelling.

Random links I've Collected

And non blender/python things I've written that may be useful


This reverses alphabetical filenames ending with .jpg, .jpeg and .tga, handy for reversing frames of an animation.
Although the new Blender allows reversing clips in the sequencer now so not so useful anymore.
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